blackhawks jersey

Say goodbye to the ticket stubs, Blackhawks Jersey fans. And get your printers and smart phones are ready.

The team this season is going digital with all of its subscriptions, ending its long-standing practice of printing and mailing lists tickets in favor of a process that is completely online.

In September 1st letter subscription holders, the Hawks posted a new ticket distribution system exclusively through online accounts, touting it as more convenient for owners to print off tickets, transfer, or sell your tickets.

Fans were able to get their tickets in a digital format and manage them online in the past, but now will not have any choice. Only tickets purchased with cash on hand United Center will be sold as paper tickets.

“According to the best interests of our fans in mind, and after extensively reviews new ticketing technology available, we all decided to switch to a digital ticketing,” said Chris Werner, Blackhawks vice president of ticketing and relations with customers, the statement said. “Digital tickets will allow our fans to more effectively transfer their tickets, access tickets, and view them on your mobile device and provide enhanced security for one game buyers compared with paper tickets.”

Hawks add to a growing list of professional sports teams, opting for the digital process of ticketing and mobile air-conditioning fan used entrance to the game.

Teams say ticket management process through the website of the team not only helps people easily share tickets when they can not use them, but also protects against fraud and counterfeit tickets.

It also has a valuable marketing target. When fans get digital tickets and pull them on their smartphones to scan them at the gate, the team can collect data about who is going to the games.

This is partly why the Chicago Bulls and White Sox stopped printing tickets for season ticket holders a few years ago (although still Sox will allow fans to purchase tickets commemorative hard copy for a fee). And offer incentives to encourage fans to use their smartphones for tickets to the game.

Chicago Fire two years ago, just moved from paper tickets to season ticket card and gave users a discount on food and goods and a more rapid entry into the games at the Toyota Park.

Young tested the loyalty program for individual ticket holders for the last couple of years, which gives them credit for things like pre-game access to the field, if they get their tickets in a digital form and use a mobile entrance to the gate.

But the Cubs and the Chicago Bears are currently only two major Chicago team that still print and mail to holders of subscription tickets.

Like other teams that have made the transition to a digital ticketing, the Blackhawks will surely get some lose from fans who prefer hard-copy tickets. This is especially true of those who want to keep ticket stubs as a souvenir.

However, working in favor of the Hawks “is the fact that demand for their tickets as high as never before. The team goes to the 321-game sellout streak (including regular season and playoff games) and led the NHL in the performance office for seven consecutive seasons.

Hawks open season on October 12 at the United Center 2016-17 against the St. Louis Blues.